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What You Need to Know About Google AdWords

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You keep hearing about it. More and more businesses are utilising Google Adwords or simply known as Google Ads. But what is in Google Ads that most digital marketing specialist in Hobart would want them to include it in every campaign? Does it really work? Does it give you the results you expect? Many questions…

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10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Regular Update

wordpress website

Your website is the most effective way to promote your brand and generate sales. It’s the ultimate representation of what you do and how you can help your target audience. SEO and other digital marketing strategies are helpful in keeping you on top of relevant searches. However, studies show that Google changes its algorithm 500-600…

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The Value of SEO For Your Business

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Have you ever thought about hiring SEO services in Hobart for your business? You might have heard the impact of search engine optimisation, and it’s all true! SEO can do wonders for your brand and its sales if done properly. In fact, SEO is a crucial aspect of digital marketing which is too important to…

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Why You Need to Invest in a Quality Website

man typing code for website development

Are you planning to get a website for your business? Perhaps you already have one and would want to revamp it? Remember that your website is the face of your business. It’s the primary funnel that can convert those leads into sales. However, to do that, it must be well-optimised and properly built. In fact,…

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How Can Videos Improve Your Landing Page CTR?

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Outranking your competitors in the digital world is not always easy. The audience becomes harder to please, and the search engine algorithm changes from time to time. You would need to look at the trends and updates regularly. In other cases, business owners would hire digital marketing experts in Hobart to manage the online visibility…

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Top 6 Free Tools for Technical SEO

google analytics laptop

Boosting up your site’s traffic and accomplishing maximum online visibility are crucial aspects to every business owner. Fortunately, you can achieve this with effective search engine optimisation strategies. If you are new in understanding how digital marketing works, SEO focuses on different aspects of your website — all of which are equally important.  Technical SEO…

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8 Highly Essential SEO Ranking Factors

graphs in a laptop on demographics of audience

Search engine optimisation is an effective and cost-efficient way to boost your online visibility and get quality leads that can be converted later into sales. Businesses are beginning to focus more on their SEO. However, businesses owners should know that this is not a one-time strategy. SEO takes regular implementation and constant monitoring. That’s why…

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The Benefits of Google My Business

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Remember how phonebooks and directories were such a big deal back then? When you want to search for the nearest phone repair shop, you needed to quickly look for that big book of yellow pages. As technology advances, there has been a significant improvement in how we look for products and services. Local business marketing…

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Reasons to Focus On Email Marketing Today

man checking emails on laptop

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is considered as one of the most effective ways to gather leads online and convert them into sales. SEO is all about checking where you stand in the digital world and what to do to boost your rankings. While you can perform SEO on your own, it pays to have an…

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3 Best Keyword Tools for SEO

google home page on tablet

Want to know the title of the song going in your head? Looking for a Chinese restaurant near you? Trying to learn how to fix your clogged sink? With almost all the questions we ask ourselves, we turn into search engines for answers.  Nowadays, it has been so easy to find all kinds of information…

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